Go Pink 2023


In October we commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, established by the World Health Organization (WHO), as a way to promote early detection and appropriate treatment in order to prevent, increase survival, and reduce the effects negative of this type of cancer; the most common among the female population. <a href=”https://www.farmzone.net/”>เว็บสล็อตออนไลน์</a>

According to the WHO, breast cancer generates 1.38 million new cases in the world every year and 458,000 deaths among women, of which the majority are registered in developing countries due to late detection due to lack of awareness and difficulty accessing health services

In Mexico, breast cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in women over 25 years of age.

During the month of October, Explora Caribe Tours joins this movement of prevention and fight against cancer, with the intention of donating funds to help those who bravely and admirably fight their own fight against this disease.

The Go Pink program was created 6 years ago with the firm objective of joining the fight of thousands of people who are experiencing the biggest battle of their lives. We want to be an ally that provides hope and help.

We believe that the best fight is early detection, which is why this year we are working in conjunction with the Municipal DIF System, donating mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and gynecological consultations. We also cover the per diem of a renowned medical specialist on the subject with the intention of giving the women of Cozumel the possibility of receiving updated first-hand information that helps them prevent and promptly detect this condition. We don’t just stop there, we also promote the culture of sports, that is why we join the pink round organized by the DIF during this month by donating t-shirts and placing a hydration point so that each and every attendee can be hydrated during this event.

Woman, you are love, you are a source of life, you are strong, don’t forget it, EXPLORA-TE!

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