Beach Cleaning Playa Bonita


Last Saturday, September 9, the first cleanup of the year in Playa Bonita concluded successfully. With this action we guarantee to reduce the amount of garbage sent to the municipal landfill and at the same time return all recyclable waste found on the beach to the cycle of use.

We had the participation of 68 people, including children and adults, who together managed to collect 500 kilos of plastic, which were transported to the BAAXA recycler.

The Explora Caribe team and all the participants work with the goal of bringing together hands to clean and properly dispose of the waste that the sea drags to our coasts or that people leave on the beaches after their visit. This not only impacts the image of our destination, but also becomes an important obstacle for the sea turtles that arrive each year on the beaches of our Cozumel Island, as well as for the hatchlings when they are born and return to the sea.

We recognize the magnitude of this impact and being a company certified in Sustainable Practices by EarthCheck, we are committed to the Cozumel community and the Island’s ecosystem, therefore, we promote actions that protect and promote the conservation of our environment and its biodiversity.

This year, we resume the Beach Cleaning Campaigns with the participation not only of the Community, but we also have the great support of companies and schools that join the commitment.

Many thanks to the sponsors: Gardner Institute, Directorate of Ecology of Cozumel, Baaxa, Atlanits Submarines, Mangales Más Sanos Más Vivos, Professional Guides of Q. Roo and the participants. We are all part of the change!

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