One of the values ​​in Explora Caribe Tours is to be Cooperatives and that is why every month we organize a Local Market to support and empower Producers and boost the local economy, besides promoting a good 100% natural food, free of preservatives and chemicals and that come from the Region.

Each month you can make your pantry with organic products, in the Organic Market local entrepreneurs will find you; biodegradable cleaning products and personal hygiene natural, fruits, vegetables, eggs, honey, sauces, jams, wholemeal bread, earth, hummus and more products that are healthy, organic and biodegradable handcrafted with love for you.

If what you are looking for is to have a healthier life without chemicals in the Organic Market, here you will find all kinds of products, as well as being an excellent option to go out for a traditional market that will directly benefit the producers, motivating them to continue producing
from their own harvest.

? This is a place that covers the need of the growing market of people with food allergies but especially of those people who have decided to
opt for a healthy lifestyle and away from preservatives and additives. You can also build your stand with the products you make. Participate we wait for you and is part of the entrepreneurs in the Island!

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