The Explora Caribe Environmental Initiative “Keep The Reef Alive” in collaboration with CONANP, HEALTHY REEFS, MARTI, Parks and Museums Foundation and Punta Sur Eco-tourism Park; emerges as an urgent need to protect and preserve our greatest natural heritage in the Mexican Caribbean; the coral reefs.

“Keep The Reef Alive” exhibits through infograms the Biodiversity of Cozumel, illustrates the biology of a coral and the variety of herbivorous fish that play a fundamental role in the health of the reefs and oceans; highlights the systemic ecosystem services provided by the Mesoamerican Reef to 4 countries and promotes good practices to protect the reef that sustains and protects us from natural phenomena, but also a source of economic income for 4 countries: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras .

Explora Caribe Tours makes an extensive and friendly invitation to all the inhabitants of the Island to contribute with this campaign and follow the recommendations in favor of Preserving the Mesoamerican Reef, join the Days of Ecosystem Sanitation and Conservation Programs.

You can be part of the solution KEEP THE REEF ALIVE!