Sharing Environmental and Nature Cinema with the support of the Planetarium of Cozumel Cha’an Ka’an and the Chaaktun Cenote in Playa del Carmen is part of Explora Caribe Tours activities in favor of quality education.

The diffusion of Environmental Cinema is a way to bring the population to reflect and propose solutions that sensitize the community and the public in general about the importance of preserving and conserving biodiversity on our planet that from our consumption habits we can make a difference without hurt the Earth, we must be agents of change and not just to say, a young generation is growing and will have to face the consequences of climate change, it is still possible to make a positive change.

This Cycle of Environmental Cinema and Nature seeks to bring various spaces in Cozumel to a showcase of Mexican and international cinema with an environmental, nature and sustainability theme.

This show will be composed of Mexican and international films and documentaries for all audiences, from children, youth and seniors.

We seek to generate, through projections, reflection, dialogue and action on issues relevant to our community, such as caring for the environment and sustainability. These projections will be made on a regular basis for 5 months in venues such as public parks, seafront venues, art galleries and cultural centers in this region.