The Adopt a Green School educational program has been designed to strengthen the infrastructure of the Primary Schools by placing recycling islands and the construction of an organic edible garden for students, as well as providing educational talks on environmental education as a complement to the Science subject. Natural; fundamental to know and respect ecosystems, we encourage a healthy diet and achieve awareness about the reduction of solid waste and the application of 3R’s. (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse).

For Explora Caribe Tours, Quality Education is a priority, which is why the Adopt a Green School Education Program is carried out successfully in a Low-Income Primary School where we can contribute to strengthen the education in a comprehensive way for an entire generation with more than 400 boys and girls.

Some of the activities within the classroom include recycling workshops, representation of endemic fauna, tasks on ecosystems and participation in competitions that complement the talks in a dynamic, inclusive and participatory manner, which stimulates the cognitive and artistic processes of children as well as to be able to cultivate universal values ​​and principles of respect, honesty, cooperation, effort, commitment and love of nature.

The awards granted by Explora Caribe Tours to the most outstanding students that comply with the activities are family outings to the Island of Cozumel, the Pueblo del Maíz Cultural Park and the Chaaktun Cenote in Playa del Carmen, also include the visit to the Sanitary Landfill for that is made aware of the importance of reducing waste and propose solutions on how to face climate change and from small inculcate the importance of respecting and valuing Mother Nature.