For Explora Caribe Tours, children represent the light and hope to live together in a more respectful, loving and conscious world, where natural resources can be harnessed in a responsible and respectful manner, taking only what is needed and learning. not to take more, if not to share it with your peers.

We believe that each child has a gift and a special talent that is why we carry out the second edition of the Drawing My Friend Contest on Mar 2019.

We like to listen to new generations and know their ideas, solutions, concerns and proposals to take care of our seas and the animals that reign in the oceans. Our interest is to train generations with wisdom that can positively transform their reality and can achieve their goals and dreams.

The works of art are awarded with recognitions and family tours, the exhibition of their works takes place in the Planetarium of Cozumel every year.

We invite you to participate in the My Friend the Sea Contest and start your imagination without limits!